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The So-Called Human Condition is Chosen not Innate, (but is it chosen for you?)

Updated: May 18, 2023

If you are on Youtube and click the right links you will eventually come across this video as a pop-up: The Interview That “Solves The Human Condition And Saves The World!” Jeremy Griffith’s World Transformation Movement.

As a biologist, Griffith has given the skeptics exactly what they always wanted: the proof that humans are in control of their biological functions, that they are not simply ‘programmed’ to be competitive, territorial, mean and aggressive, but that these behaviours are a choice, as unconscious as they are at times, they are choices that the conscious mind, with attention, can overcome. It is merely and excuse to justify these choices by saying that everyone else does it too. They are part of a feedback loop, which not only erodes communication, but what it means to be human at all.

When we willingly succumb to these obviously immoral and weak choices of mindset, we join the dog pile that becomes a backbreaking, slave-driving industry spearheaded by an opportunistic zombie-like corporation that squeezes every last drop of blood out of its employees before devouring itself and going bankrupt… because that’s what a corporation does. It is an assumed identity based on the agreement of its members to give life to this thing called a corporation, which in return for this commitment requires a steady supply of sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice in order to survive in such a ‘fierce, competitive world’.

But the Planet is not the World. The World tells us that in order to survive we have to be competitive, which is exactly what it would say if it were a social construction (which it is), because It needs us in order to survive, not the other way around. We do not live to work, we work to live, but the World needs us to believe that life is not possible without competition, when actually the reverse is true. Competition actually stands in opposition to life (the Planet). The Planet requires co-operation, NOT competition.

If it is a choice for those in positions of power to oppress you, it is a choice to overcome that oppression, but this choice is not immediately apparent or available, which is why I often say that we are not fully in control of our own destiny. I too am a wage slave, I too cannot immediately and resolutely quit my job and go on a freedom-loving pilgrimage in my van because first I would have to buy that van, retrofit it as a home, insure and keep it insured indefinitely, or until my little romance runs out of gas and I come back down to Earth (or back to the world), which is why I don’t bother, because all the freedom I need is already here, within the confines of my body, mind, spirit, soul, room and place in the world.

Purpose is a life of purpose, just as ‘the meaning of life’ is the meaning we give it. Purpose and meaning that will quite possibly change several times over the course of one’s life in response to certain pressures, stresses, experiences and achievements.

Neither meaning nor purpose can be given, they can only be chosen or somehow acquired. It is possible to be born with such gifts, but as soon as this body is established and we are inexorably in and of the world, we must go through the process of discovering what it is we are here to do, and if that thing is not entirely unique and what no one else on the planet could do at that time, in that place, it is not yet the time and not yet the place.

It could be as easy as providing the much needed help and encouragement to a person struggling to find their own purpose, or showing by example how to do something.

Our time in these situations is our most valuable gift, our greatest asset and the one thing that cannot be replaced; our presence; to say, I was here.

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