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Daniel’s work has appeared in The Georgia Straight, Potluck, Grey Sparrow and the Gyroscope Review amoung others. He holds a degree in Anthropology and Creative Writing and is currently working on a Literary Theory of Everything (Lit TOE). A phenomenological investigation into the importance of Time, Place and Space across the disciplines of philosophy, mysticism and literature. He lives in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

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a region lying along a shore.

relating to or situated on the shore of the sea or a lake.

Civilization has strayed too far into the forest; something has followed it out. 


When their mother is stricken by a mysterious disease, August and his sisters Grace and ‘B’ find themselves at the center of an ecological imbroglio involving a multinational development company, a witch and an enigmatic group of ‘relatives’ (elementals i.e. ancestor spirits) whose purpose is to spread the disease and prepare for the next stage.

August and his sisters must find the cure using the homeopathic uses of water—not just the drinking kind—to save themselves and their home. As both the cause and the cure, it is the water that insulates the body from the disease, while transporting it from place to place.

Part eco-fiction, part magical realism, The Littoral is as much about place as it is about the people that live there, existing on the periphery of conscious and unconscious, thought and form, land and water, dead and alive.



Place is the repository of all things, the split, or the child of Time and Space without which Space (and the Time within which it resides), could not exist. This apparent contradiction is resolved when we realize that Time, Space and Place are not separate entities, but aspects One whole, both separated and joined by the boundary (or split) that they share; the Place, or Being. Place in the physical sense and Being in the mental or metaphysical sense, best described by what I have termed Northwestern and Wildflower (or alternately, NW New West, New Wild and WF Wildfire).


NW being limited to the past and facts (physical), while WF moves forward until it falls upon something new (metaphysical). It discovers, but also creates, giving form to a previously insubstantial idea, thought or attribute.

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