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So You Think You’ve Got a Theory for Everything (Yes I Realize It’s Theory of Everything

Theories right now are bullish, we are in the midst of an ideas and information boom. But before we oversaturate the market and cause a crash, let’s take stock of what we know right now.

It’s easy to tear apart a theory, if on no other grounds than appeals to authority, confirmation bias, ad hominem or sunk costs. Somebody might say, can I see your credentials and papers published in prestigious journals, but wait. Which discipline and which field? How is the theory applied? I didn’t know you owned cosmology. What about the mythologies of the Hopi, Mayan or Djankun of Northern Australia?

No science or discipline or group of people have priority of a Theory of Everything (TOE), because each discipline relies on the work of the other. They themselves are part of the Theory of Everything. It is a pot in which we throw our ingredients after making a list of everything that went into it, and of everyone who contributed. Then when we divide the contents up, the theory is once again spread to the corners of the world, getting rounder all the time.

I do not advocate taking a TOE lightly and brewing up questionable concoctions on a daily basis in the backyard over a campfire. But I do advocate vigilant and frequent investigation into these ideas.

It’s not a Theory for Everything. It is a Theory of Everything and of everyone who ever contributed.

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