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Cosmogenesis (X-chromosomes)

Time was when God judged
			Who judges now?

-Friedrich Holderlin
Here’s my opinion 
if it means anything at all
where are the great rivals
building monuments to themselves
and smashing them down?
Opposing armies in raiding parties
Have they all lost their nerve?

The steady decline of expectation
this just in… Stars are falling from the sky that remind us where we are
we can’t see them, though we feel their absence
as an enclosed space with no holes cut for air
growing closer 
light narrowed to a point,
while, on the other side growing wider.

A salient’s thrust into another’s territory,
borders in the shape of a wound
severed stems taking root in foreign countries
stirring out of the ancestor soil.

The damage repaired in time for the next one to begin,
the places are real, but the names have been changed
corrupted upon coming into contact
with our own time
existing as much now as they did then.

Explosion out of the archaic torso,
the thunder of its destruction still felt
in the source of the stone; a prepared core
cracked along already established faults.
A billion years in the making
another billion to dissolve.
The head no longer belongs to the body
the body no longer belongs to the world
but what world?

There was a time when we might have seen it coming
but now every experience seems unique
so instead of creating our own gods
we have resurrected old ones
that don’t die, but go on
in unimaginable ways.
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